Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

This is what it’s all about.

Got the neatest note from Ms. Lach all the way in Australia. Her year 6 art students Matthew, Sinead,Jake and Ryan created their own version of my piece ‘Two Jellyfish’ using recycled materials.I can’t reveal all of their secrets, but the young artists said, ” The recycled materials we used included a variety of strings and such for the tentacles, for the jellyfish head we scrunched some newspaper, stuck it down with masking tape and then put down some PVA and took off the masking tape when the PVA dried.”

Take a look and see if you can guess which is mine and which is theirs:


Ms. Lach’s students in Australia re-create my painting ‘Two Jellyfish’ with recycled materials

How neat! It’s obvious Matthew, Sinead,Jake and Ryan have a bright future ahead of them. I only hope this is the beginning of their passion for art and that they keep recycling. We need more educators like Ms. Lach fostering this kind of collaboration. What an honor this has been for me!

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