Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

Jon Allen Metal Art’s Spring Ahead 2015 Contest starts NOW!

Spring Ahead 2015 Contest – Official Entry Instructions

If you haven’t done so already, first you yourself must submit a ‘Contact Us’ form on our website including a valid email address. Then, get three friends, neighbors, co-workers or family members to submit a ‘Contact Us’ form to our website with their valid email addresses and contact information.

Here is the link you’ll need to give them to complete the form: http://www.statements2000.com/contact_us

They will fill out their name, phone number, valid email address, and can simply write ‘Contest’ in the message. Then, they’ll need to click ‘Send Message’. (See below)


Once you know all three friends, neighbors, co-workers, or family members have completed this, send an email to studio@statements2000.com with ‘SPRING AHEAD CONTEST’ in the subject line and let us know the names of the three people you have referred. We will notify you or your successful entry once we receive ‘Contact Us’ Submission from those three individuals and verify that you yourself have also submitted the form.

Again, to successfully enter the contest, you must get three people to complete this successfully and you yourself must also submit a contact us form providing all required information.

You must have your email containing the three names by Sunday, 3/15/15 at 6pm EST. The winner will be announced on Monday, 3/16/15.


Functional art never looked so good. The lucky winner gets to choose one of Jon’s brand new large contemporary wall clocks. Yes, the winner gets to choose the color! Will it be Vibrations in Copper, Vibrations in Smoke, Vibrations in Teal, or Vibrations in Charcoal? There is no wrong choice because they are all STUNNING! These handmade wall clocks by Jon Allen are accurate timekeepers that are also a true piece of artwork that will complement any contemporary, modern, or traditional decor.

Vibrations in Charcoal

Vibrations in Charcoal

Vibrations In Copper

Vibrations In Copper

Vibrations In Smoke

Vibrations In Smoke

Vibrations In Teal

Vibrations In Teal

This original large wall clock reveals new aspects of itself in different light. Whether in natural light from a nearby window or under track lighting for a dramatic effect, the art will come to life before your very eyes. Metal art work depicts movement and motion in a way other art simply cannot thanks to the amazing interplay with light.

This unique wall clock measures 24” in diameter. Each piece is handmade with precision, is signed by American artist Jon Allen and includes a certificate of authenticity.

All clocks are quartz movement tested for time accuracy. They are battery powered and come with one AA battery. Hanging is simple thanks to our pre-installed one of a kind brackets that “float” the artwork 2” off the wall! This clock comes ready to display so you can start enjoying it right away. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails / screws for hanging are not provided.

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