Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

Jon Allen – Fine Metal Art on VH1’s “Basketball Wives”

Basketball Wives LA


Jon Allen – Fine Metal Art is very excited to report that once again his beautiful art work can be seen on TV – in the very popular reality show “Basketball Wives”. The 6th episode of the VH1 spinoff “Basketball Wives LA” takes place in a gorgeous, luxury home in Palm Springs, CA.

The owner of this incredibly beautiful estate, a hug fan and collector of Jon Allen’s work, appreciates contemporary art and shows it brilliantly throughout his home. He owns quite a few pieces of Jon’s handcrafted fine metal art, four of which were used by the film crew as a backdrop for the reality show. In this episode you see Jon’s Amber Vortex XL, a jewel-toned wall sculpture that expresses the mesmerizing qualities and light capturing brilliance of metal. The Meteor Eclipse is a dynamic work of art skillfully etched and polished creating a cutting edge, beautiful abstract modern composition, hand-crafted with the artist’s signature intricate grind patterns.

Also seen is the stunning metal wall sculpture Fantastic Journey, Jon’s fresh and innovative style of organic metal artistry that invites energy and visual appeal to your home, office and lifestyle. A perfect addition to this extravagant, modern home is the silver and jewel-toned wall sculpture Stylus XL, a stunning hand-crafted, hand-painted and signed original work of art.  Its vibrant aqua, orange, red and green create a flowing color palette for this minimalistic geo-metro composition – an abstract wall sculpture inviting conversation every step of the way.

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