Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

New Jon Allen furniture line & additions to “The Artist’s Collection”

We are very excited to introduce to you two new product lines!

Jon Allen presents new furniture line

Jon Allen takes his concept of displaying his art in many different ways to the next level with the creation of a new furniture line. The first items available for sale today: one-of-a-kind, handmade, fine metal occasional tables.

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“This is a sneak peek illuminating my passion for creative and inspired modern decor with a clean sophisticated expression for detail. This is a glance at my technique of fusing artistry with sophisticated furnishings that offers a refreshing. diversified approach to contemporary design. “ – Jon Allen

These architecturally abstract tables, which are uniquely designed to be standalone artwork as well as functional furniture, add innovative modern and cool style to any contemporary home.

New additions to “The Artist’s Collection”

With the new additions to “The Artist’s Collection”, artist Jon Allen demonstrates his creative passion for his renowned artwork once again. In this new series, he uses bold jewel-toned colors in dramatic designs.

jon allen, statements2000, fine metal art, original abstract art, jewel collection, contemporary art

Each of the new pieces showcased in this newsletter represent Jon’s philosophy about metal art.

Jon Allen’s stunning artwork is exclusively sold at www.jonallenmetalart.com. Visit our website to discover both of these breathtaking new collections, with new designs being added weekly.

We hope you are as excited as we are to experience the latest in Jon Allen’s incredible fine metal art!

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