Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

Art Deco style for the modern home

A Day At The Races

This metal painting, “A Day At The Races” by metal artist Jon Allen is a perfect example of modern day Art Deco style.


In the first third of the 20th century, the decorative style known as Art Deco was the visual embodiment of luxury and progress. It combined the aesthetic aspects of everything that was new and modern in the late industrial age – the geometric abstraction of modern art, the attractive materials and colors of high-end industrial design, the clean lines of the latest high-tech transportation technology. During the heady years between the two world wars, Art Deco symbolized everything that was optimistic and dynamic about the present and the future.

Art Deco grew out of the artistic movements of modern Europe: the innovative abstraction of the cutting-edge Modernists, as well as the posh ornamentation of the decorative Art Nouveau. Art Deco appropriated these ideas to make a statement about prosperity; it was epitomized in streamlined locomotives, stainless-steel skyscrapers, colorful luxury hotels and theaters, elegant graphic design. Art Deco’s abstract metal manifestations became an important part of both industrial and commercial design.

Not until the wake-up call of the Great Depression and the second world war would Art Deco begin to fade as a fashionable style. It returned after the war, though, and it remains an important design style to this day; you can find the influence of Art Deco, in terms of color, composition and material, in the abstract metal wall art of Jon Allen.

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