Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

Tips for Choosing and Placing your Garden Art

With spring just around the corner, it is a great time to start thinking about the layout of your garden. Decorating your outdoor living space is just as important as beautifying the interior of your home – it is a reflection of your personality and can be a peaceful and relaxing getaway after a stressful day.

Choosing the right art for your outdoor space

Take a look around. What colors are prominent in your garden? You will want a piece of art that stands out but still has a nice flow with its surroundings.  If you have a lot of greenery, consider a piece like Statements2000’s “Amber Twist”. The beautiful shades of amber provide a great contrast to a green back drop and adds a focal point.  If you have a lot of colorful flowers, consider a more neutral piece of art such as Statements2000’s “Whisper Twist” (shown right). This beautiful silver colored sculpture adds interest without overwhelming the garden.

Size is also a factor to consider when finding the perfect outdoor art for your space. Larger sculptures are perfect for big, open spaces or for when you want the art to be the focal point of the landscape. Shorter or less prominent pieces of art can complement a smaller garden and can be used as an accent piece.

Placing your Garden Art

Be strategic about where you place your piece of outdoor art. Look for an area that could use some visual interest. If you have a particularly bare or undecorated area of your garden, a sculpture can provide a wonderful place for your eyes to focus. The “Red Twist” (shown left) illustrates how a piece of art can add interest to your outdoor space.

If you have a walkway, a sculpture can be placed at the end of the path to give it an anchor and provide a destination point. Also, consider the view from indoors. If you have a window that faces your garden, you may want to keep the art in view of the windows so you can enjoy it all year round.

Don’t be afraid to try the art out in different areas of your garden. You may think you have a great spot only to find out that once it is placed it doesn’t look quite right. Making adjustments to the placement of the art is essential to making sure you have the perfect location.

Inspired to start decorating your outdoor space? Statements2000 has an array of sculptures to fit your garden. Check out all of Jon Allen’s fine metal art designs: www.statements2000.com

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