Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

The Magic and Power of Illumination

If you have seen artwork in a gallery, you may have noticed how much lighting impacts the presentation. Lighting artwork properly can create a blissful environment or even invoke emotion. Consider these lighting techniques to maximize the visual appeal of your masterpiece.

Proper lighting can create a surreal effect in the room or environment where the artwork is displayed. For instance, lighting that comes from both the floor and the sides of a room can make a piece look like it is levitating. This experience offers a new meaning to “up lighting,” a design trick that is used mostly for illuminating indoor trees and plants.

Ceiling “spotlights” provide focus for artwork as well as overall ambient lighting, and they are particularly effective with a dimmer.  Recessed lights provide a great spotlight for artwork or sculptures that will be displayed in the same spot permanently while track lighting is best for artwork that may be moved around more frequently.

Light that comes from behind a panel or under a shelf provides a dream-like effect. It is a great way for the art to attract attention and draw people near. Because you can’t see the fixture or the source, the artwork seems to “glow” which completely changes the ambiance of your room.

Now that green living has become increasing integrated in building layouts and designs, more and more products are available to help us decorate our homes responsibly.  Mood lighting, task lighting and ambient lights come in LED (light-emitting diode) and fluorescent fixtures, and great advances have been made in the quality of light that these cost-effective forms produce. These luminaries are energy-efficient, long-lasting and deliver a strong light output which is perfect for retail displays, residential accent lighting, office buildings and displays in museums, hotels and restaurants.

Experimenting with light in your living space will help you display your art in the best way possible.  You will be amazed by the difference that a creative light design can make!

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