Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

How to Choose the Perfect Placement for your Art

You’ve purchased a beautiful new piece of art for your home, now comes the task of finding the perfect place on your wall to display it. This daunting job doesn’t have to be a difficult one! Finding the perfect spot for your wall art can be easy.

Art hung in a room with no relationship to the furniture or other pieces of art can cause confusion and may take away from the beauty of the piece. To prevent this, TV design guru Karl Lohnes suggests finding an “anchor” – a table, a sofa or a low cabinet and hanging the artwork 8 inches above it. Adjust the art to be a foot above if your room has high ceilings. Don’t have an anchor? No problem! To prevent the common mistake of hanging your artwork too high on the wall, simply hang the art at eye level – about 66 inches from the floor to the center of the piece. If you stick to this standard all of the wall art throughout your home will be in harmony.

Here are some tips to help you get the perfect placement:

  • Measure your art both horizontally and vertically and divide by 2 in order to find the center point.
  • Measure 66 inches up from the floor and make a light mark so you know the exact placement of where the center of the art will hang.
  • Think of multiple pieces or groupings of art as one unit and practice the layout first on the floor or a large coffee table before hanging.
  • Relate your piece of art to the wall size – choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger works for big spaces.
  • When in doubt, create a template the size of your art and pin it up to your wall where you think you may want to hang your actual piece. This will help you visualize what the artwork will look like once it is hanging without having to hold up heavy pieces.

In the end, use your best judgement. If the placement of your art looks good and can be enjoyed without stretching your neck, you have chosen the perfect new home for your wall art.

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