Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

Metal Art for Your Tropical Paradise

Many of us dream of having our own private beach or island where we can dig our toes in the sand, splash in the cool ocean water, and relax the day away. You can bring that private escape into your home with Jon Allen’s tropical themed Fine Metal Wall Art. His collection features a variety of works inspired by the sun, sand, and sea that will not only lighten up your space, but lighten up your mood as well.

On the right is “Castaway: Summer”, which features a brilliant combination of hand-textured ocean waves painted in a light aqua with sweeping skies painted in a honey-pecan tone. The upbeat palm trees, subtle clouds, and bright brilliant sun in the center help to tie this work together.

If a tropical scene is not quite what you’re looking for, perhaps one of Jon Allen’s whimsical, yet sophisticated abstract metal fish will catch your eye. These charming creatures of the sea can be left unpainted to show off the reflective qualities of the high-grade environmentally friendly aluminum, or can be painted with metal dyes to match nearly any decor. Each fish comes with a pre-mounted bracket for easy installation on any wall and in any direction. Jon Allen designs these fish in varying sizes, whether you need a large school of small fish to a massive fish as large as 6′ long by 4′ tall! They are perfect as accents for pools, saunas, and bathrooms.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, however, Jon Allen has perfected the art of the abstract underwater scene, as shown in the image below. This spectacular wall sculpture, titled “Atlantis”, showcases the sparkling colors of the underwater world with soft pink coral, aqua blue seaweed, and more. Each one of these elaborate wall sculpture paintings is One of a Kind, so no two will ever look exactly alike.

Whether you’re looking for a tropical escape or a few underwater friends to decorate your space, these works of art will surely awe and inspire you, along with every guest in your home.

To view more of Jon Allen’s work, please visit his website at http://www.statements2000.com

To purchase your own original Jon Allen Fine Metal Art Wall Sculpture, please contact us at:
Phone: (561) 249-1587
Fax: (561) 249-1586

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