Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

How to Create the Perfect Garden for your Garden Sculpture

Art collectors and interior designers will typically have a particular sculpture or wall hanging in mind that will fit into their decor. Once in a while, though, a collector will come along that wishes to build a scene around one of Jon’s Fine Metal Art sculptures. Recently, an order was placed for a Celery Twist (shown below), and the customer asked us which flowers or plants might look best with this particular sculpture.

Statements2000 - Fine Abstract Metal Art by Jon Allen

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to build the perfect garden for your Garden Sculpture:

  • Be sure that the plants you choose can withstand the elements where you live. Some flowers do best in colder temperatures, while some need much more tropical climates to survive. Be wary of purchasing potted plants. Just because they’re on sale doesn’t mean they’ll survive the climate for very long. It’s best to buy the seeds and give them plenty of sunlight, water and patience.

Some examples of Summer Flowers: Begonias, Portulaca, Periwinkles, Marigolds, Perilla, Angelonia, and of course, Sunflowers.
Some examples of Winter Flowers: African Violet Plants, Roses, Lilys,  Orchids, Aster, Poinsettias, Amaryllis, Carnations, & Baby’s Breath.

  • Just like clothes do not need to match completely, the same applies to your garden! Choose flowers and plants that have complimentary colors. This will create a lovely prismatic effect.
  • Spread out the flowers evenly so that the flowers will be varied, and no one flower will be too overbearing.
  • Arrange your garden by height. The taller plants should go in the back, the mid-height plants in the center, and the shorter plants in the front. This will help to create a frame for the sculpture, and will allow for all the flowers to be appreciated.
  • If you simply wish to have shrubbery, as seen in the image for Celery Twist, the same applies concerning summer and winter months. Be sure that they can withstand the climate changes throughout the year.

Taking the right steps before creating your garden will ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your hard work for many years to come!

To view more of Jon Allen’s work, please visit his website at http://www.statements2000.com

To purchase your own original Jon Allen Fine Metal Art Wall Sculpture, please contact us at:
Phone: (561) 249-1587
Fax: (561) 249-1586

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