Abstract Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen

How Lighting Affects Your Art

Correctly lighting a room is a crucial part of decorating any space, since the lighting will help accent and punctuate the most important areas. Even the most gorgeous space will look dark and dingy if the lighting is not done properly. Some may choose to hire a decorator to deal with this task, but with a little know-how, a DIY lighting job can be quick and simple.

One of the first things one must take into account is where the light sources will be. Rooms with sliding doors or large windows that let in sunlight may look fine in the daytime, but soon enough, the sun will go down. One or two lamps may do the job for you, but what happens when you have a work of art hanging on the wall, or a sculpture in the corner? Here are a few tricks for how to properly light up those signature pieces:

  • Make sure you have just enough light. Too much light will make a painting or sculpture look blown out or wash out the color completely. A track lighting system with 3-5 bulbs works best.
  • If you cannot install track lighting, multi-arm (or “octopus” lamps) can be used as well.
  • Check the color temperature of the bulbs you are using. Color temperature is measured in Kelvins, or K, and can be found printed on the packaging for most bulbs. Below is a color spectrum that will help you identify the right color temperature for your space:

Color Temperature Chart

Here is a simulation of how color temperature affects how Jon Allen’s Fine Metal Wall Art Sculpture “Paparazzi” appears in each scene:

Statements2000 Fine Abstract Metal Artwork Jon Allen Color Temperature Chart
As you can see, the color temperature of the bulbs makes a very big difference between each image. The warmer bulbs bring out the more red and golden tones in the sculpture, while the cooler lights accentuate the blues, purples, and grays.

  • Make sure to always and only use the correct wattage bulbs for the light fixture you plan to light up your room with. Installing a bulb with the wrong wattage or a wattage that is too high may cause the fixture to malfunction.

Proper lighting and careful attention to the bulbs you are using will help you to truly appreciate the hard work you have put into decorating your home, office, or garden.

To view more of Jon Allen’s work, please visit his website at http://www.statements2000.com

To purchase your own original Jon Allen Fine Metal Art Wall Sculpture, please contact us at:
Phone: (561) 249-1587
Fax: (561) 249-1586

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